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A selection of useful information

Financial & Tax Planning

It's a minefield out there isn't it?  We've advised many clients over many years on both financial and tax matters. If you can't see 'the wood for the trees' why not get in touch and let us help.

Business Advice

Struggling to identify the best steps to take next for your business?  We have vast experience in advising local business on the way forward. Get in touch for an informal meeting to discuss your needs.

Paying Top Rate Income Tax?

If you're paying the top rate of income tax we can help minimise your liability. We've helped reduce the amount of tax paid for many of our clients over the past 12 months. Maybe we could help you?



ICPA- Certified Practicing Accountants - We are proud to be a member of the ICPA who are our proffesional body and by whose rules we abide.

HMRC - HMRC is the central governing body that deals with all taxes in the UK.

Companies House - Companies house are the Registrar of Companies for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. They deal with all company related matters.

FSB- Federation of Small Businesses - The UKs Leading Business Organisation for the small business and self employed person.

CTA- Charminster Traders Association -We are located in the cosmopolitan area of Charminster in Bournemouth and are members of Charminster Traders Association who act on behalf of the local business people in the area.

Business Link - Provide a lot of general advice but we can help you with any specific advise needed.

312 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 9RTTel: 01202 533370 Fax: 01202 534267E: office@rjhullaccountants.co.uk